All Of Your Roofing Questions Answered

All Of Your Roofing Questions Answered

If you’re a homeowner, your roof may be the last thing that you think about until there’s a problem with it. Roofing is obviously an essential part of your home or building, it helps to protect you from the rain, cold and wind. Should you need a roof repair or to replace your current roof, or maybe you have some questions about what needs to be done, either way you can get in touch with the team at Sure Trade Roofing for information. 

As roofing specialists we often get asked a range of roof questions by our customers, with this in mind we decided to put together a list of frequently asked questions and answer them using our skills, knowledge and expertise.

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How do I know if my roof needs a repair?

With most types of roofing, issues can range, however the sooner that they are identified, the sooner we can address them, as there could be more serious issues or damage that can be prevented. This includes cracks in your roof, as well as leaks, splits, drooping and dampness, these are all very common signs of roof repairs. 

If you feel like that roof is damaged and you aren’t sure if it needs a repair, simply get in touch with the team at Sure Trade Roofing today, we are home to a team of experienced roof specialists and they can help you by repairing and maintaining your roof correctly. We are home to professional roofers and we work across Chesterfield and the surrounding area, our team provides a range of repairs to all types of roofing.

How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

A roof shouldn’t need to be replaced frequently, however understanding when it’s time to repair your roof can help you to avoid any potential roof damage including leaks, this can also stop further damage to your home. Your roof won’t need replacing until it’s at the end of its life expectancy, this could be anything from 20 to 60 years, regular maintenance will help to extend the life of your roof.

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Which material is the best for my roof?

Choosing the type of roof material for your roof is essential, they come with a number of benefits as well as similarities and differences between each material. Each material chosen can be determined by your budget, architectural asphalt shingle roofing material will be a good choice for those who have a limited budget and slate roofing is the best material for you if there’s no budget issue. Just because materials aren’t expensive, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t the best option for you.

How much does a new roof cost?

The cost of a new roof can depend on a number of factors, from the size of the roof, to the material as well as the type of roof and the installation team. All of these areas make it impossible to provide an exact price of how much the new roof will cost. With this in mind, at Sure Trade Roofing we ensure competitive pricing on all of our roofing services. 

How do I remove growth from my roof?

Growth like moss and other plants can be removed in a range of ways, this includes spraying with a toxic wash or using copper wires, it is also suggested that you speak to a professional before you undertake any moss removal methods on your own.

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Contact Sure Trade Roofing for all of your roofing needs

When it comes to roofing or should you be looking for ‘roofers in my area’, be sure to make Sure Trade Roofing is your first port of call. They offer a range of professional roofing services including repairs and maintenance, no project is too big or small. From start to finish, Sure Trade Roofing will work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Maybe it’s time to update your roof? Do you need a roofing repair? Then let our helpful and professional team at Sure Trade Roofing help. We have been providing roofing and guttering services throughout Chesterfield for a number of years, so regardless of your specific requirements, we’re confident in saying our services will benefit you. Not only will we be able to cater to your every need but provide the right guidance and knowledge to ensure that your new roof is exactly suited to you. From steep roofs to roof tiles, and ridge tiles to commercial roofing services we’re the experts you can count on. 

We can also assist with emergency roofing requirements such as storm damage. Come and make the most of our professional roofing company and give us a call today to find out how we can help. We’re always here to help our clients, be it with sound advice or a leaking flat roof we can help.

Our services also include rubber flat roofing, dry ridging, guttering fascias and soffits, chimney repairs and rebuilds and pressure washing.